Manufacturers, bottlers and importers are legally obligated to charge a deposit in later stages of the distribution process when selling beverages in disposable packaging requiring deposits.

They must also ensure that the deposits are repaid to retailers throughout Germany. Retailers in return must take back disposable beverage packaging from end consumers and refund the deposit. The German Deposit Association (Deutsche Pfandgesellschaft – DPG) defines the framework conditions for those companies that first to bring products into circulation (bottlers), those making claims (retailers) and service providers (CCR CLEARING > ).

CCR has experience in data and financial clearing, and takes care of claims management and the payment of deposits. With software that it developed on its own, as a deposit account service provider CCR CLEARING checks deposit claims and the underlying quantity reports.

CCR CLEARING organises both the collection and timely payment of deposit claims to retailers. CCR CLEARING also controls the claims of retailers vis-à-vis those companies that first bring products into circulation.

For beverage wholesalers and restaurants, CCR CLEARING offers an isolated solution throughout all of Germany that conforms to DPG requirements. It covers the pick-up, validation and clearing of deposit packaging.

Our services at a glance:

  • Deposit account management
  • Provisioning of containers
  • Complete pick-up logistics
  • Counting and validation of the packaging
  • Recycling of disposable packaging
  • Connection of automatic collecting machines
  • Sale of consumables (sacks, cable ties, labels)
  • Clearing of the data and payment flows