Customer Benefits

CCR specialises in holistic, individual recycling and waste disposal solutions.

At the same time, it ensures compliance with national and international laws and legal ordinances by all integrated partners using its international compliance management. The company utilises certified quality standards and processes. CCR solutions enable the transparent tracking of material flows and processes as well as the active controlling of costs and compliance risks.

CCR solutions are realised based on the principle of "one sole contact for the customer" with short implementation times by the company's own development team. Online order management and complex interfaces ensure close integration with the customer's processes and IT systems.

CCR solutions utilise the industry knowledge and best practice experience of an interdisciplinary and international team.

Individual and scalable solutions
Based on an integrated product portfolio, CCR solutions grow together with the customer's requirements – from simple configurations to complex, continuous networks of an international scale that are centrally managed and regionally supported.

Environmental benefits
CCR solutions contribute to securing and utilising secondary resources, thus strengthening the company's environmental and social responsibility.

Sustainable partnerships
CCR develops long-term relationships with its customers and suppliers, which leads to a continuous improvement of costs and the efficiency of services.

Financial benefit
With CCR solutions, values are created from obligations since additional revenues are generated from reuse and marketing. This facilitates access to new markets and supports sales revenues.